All you need to know about tennis

Many people enjoy playing tennis, but few were actually curious to read a little about this sport. This article shows what exactly attracts people to this game and what makes it interesting.

In the past tennis was not that popular, you have to admit that soccer was far more popular than tennis, but as it happened in the last year this sport has constantly gain ground, surpassing soccer and even basketball (on the European continent at least). But have you ever wondered, what exactly makes this sports such a pleasure to watch?

The 50% that gives the unpredictability
Unlike in soccer, tennis only has two players (we exclude here the double matches) and thus it becomes more unpredictable. Let me explain why, at soccer there are 11 players including the goalkeeper so if one of them is not in his best shape, he will be backed up by the other team or even be replaced with a spare player and the chances of winning or of throwing in a good match are still high. Whereas, in a tennis match, if a players feels tired or is in a bad shape, it will most definitely show up and influence the result and about this there is nothing to be done. It happened many times for a tennis player to feel tired or to face a tough period and thus lose a match for which he was favorite to begin with. Tennis matches are also unpredictable because they can easily be canceled, postponed or a player might withdraw if he does not feel able to continue playing, this thing rarely happening during a soccer match, one being postponed only if there is a more important event overlapping.

The show and competitions
The second most attractive thing about tennis matches is the show, it definitely is more entertaining than a soccer match because the ball is passed way more rapidly from one player to the other, so viewers will constantly need to watch in order not to lose an important moment that might change the result. And of course, one of the most impressing things about tennis are the organization and the competitions offered. There are four world renowned competitions known as Grand Slam Tournaments, mainly Wimbledon, the US Open, The Australian Open and the French Open, each offering a great show with the best players from the ATP rank. So, to simply put it, of this sport you can never get bored because the fight for No. 1 has always been tough. Players need to train hard and participate to competitions in order to get more points, of course, one can get tired and perform badly, thus offering many surprises.

Pure passion for the game
The game itself is quite attractive, many people playing it just for fun or out of sheer pleasure. The tennis courts are always filled with amateurs who enjoy this sport and then of course, they watch the championships with a greater interest. Of course, each championship is different and this is what complicates the game a little. There are roughly speaking three types of courts, hardcourt, clay court and grass, each having a set of characteristics that might advantage or disadvantage a player. For example, hardcourt is usually a fast type of surface (being mostly preferred by amateurs), clay cord is slower on which the ball bounces with more consistency and the grass court is somewhere in the middle, but if there are uneven patches it makes the ball bounce a little funny.
So, this is not an easy game to practice with many factors to take into consideration, but this difficulty is what makes it so appreciated all around the world, being referred to in the past as the noble gameHealth Fitness Articles, being played only by the privileged class.