Ab Exercise Equipment-Revolutionary Path to Fitness

Close your eyes for just a second and allow yourself to drift into a wonderful haven, a place in which you have the perfect, rock hard abs you have always desired; a place in which new and innovative ab exercise equipment did the work and all you did was reap the benefits. Believe it or not, this wonderful haven can now be your reality. There have been recent developments in ab exercise equipment that serve to make your journey to fitness a simple and enjoyable one.

Ab exercise equipment such as ab crunch machines, exercise balls and ab wheel rollers are all revolutionary devices that have made amazing abs more attainable, but it is the taboo topic of the ab belt that I feel the need to discuss. Ab belts are belts which use electric muscle stimulation (EMS) to force the abdominal muscles to contract and release on their own, thereby simulating an actual abdominal workout. Unlike other ab exercise equipment, the ab belt does all the work, leaving you time to do the important things in life, like surf through articles online!

So now you are wondering, does the ab belt actually work? Almost a decade ago, when ab belts were introduced by companies such as Ab Force and Fast Abs, the name of the ab exercise equipment was temporarily tarnished by the companies’ great claims and small results. However, in recent years, after new developments in technology, thousands of consumers have reported seeing a big difference in the strength and appearance of their abs. Companies marketing these belts now also recommend partnering the use of this ab exercise equipment with sensible eating and regular exercise. Otherwise saying, while you do not have to be an exercise and diet fiend to see results using these ab belts, I most certainly would not advise you to wear one while eating an entire cheese cake or pumpkin pie and expect to see drastic (positive) results!

Alright, so the ab belt works, but is it safe? I admit that sending a charge through your body to force your abdominal muscles to exercise themselves does sound pretty wonky! However, doctors and physical therapists have been using EMS technology for almost forty years to help rehabilitate their patients. Safe? I dare say so, but don’t take my word for it. Many ab belts currently on the market have been approved for use by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Ultimately, only you can decide if the ab belt is right for you!

Don’t forget to consult a physician before starting this or any exercise program.

Health And Fitness Tips For Working People

The lifestyle of the working professionals in today’s era is different than what it used to be earlier and is more hectic. They work for extended hours. These extended working hours and sitting longer at their work stations are taking a physical toll on their body. The common problems encountered by the work force due to this kind of lifestyle are back aches, computer vision syndrome CVS, wrist pains, neck and shoulder pains or many other long term ill effects. The lack of time in everyone’s life is leading to reliance on fast food which is conveniently available instead of home-cooked food, similarly vegging out on the couch despite of going out for a walk. However, contrary to what most people think, eating well and staying physically active can be incorporated into the daily routine of working section of the country.

Now that you have realized the importance of staying fit and keeping your body in perfect shape, it is important for you to know the right way of doing it. Below are some health and fitness tips that will help working people discover ways to maintain a better and healthy lifestyle, and that will keep them away from common physical ailments;

As exercising offers so many benefits, make it a part of your routine even if you are at work. If your office is located nearby your home, you can take a walk to reach to your office. If you are inside the office, use stairs instead of using lift.

During work, take several 5-10 minutes of break at regular interval for just a walk or for quick run up and down the stairs. This helps keep the body fit, and mind rejuvenated.

Sitting at stretch in front of computers can be hard on the body. So standing up and stretching your body after every short interval will remove the occurrence of common problems like back ache and shoulder pain.

You can carry workout clothes with you while going to office so that after you leave office you can straight away go to the gym without the need of going home to carry your stuff. This will save your time and this saved time can be utilized in the exercise.

You should keep an option with you to be healthy and fit. Keep healthy snacks with you so that when you feel like eating anything you have an energy booster in front of you. Also sipping water throughout the day is a good way to keep yourself refreshed.

Just do not forget the need of stretching your body for two minutes after every hour of work. You can also set an alarm to go off every hour to remind yourself to stand up and move around.

As you know exercising helps in keeping you fit, you should not avoid it in any case even if you work for extended working hours or if you don’t get time. It’s time to work for staying fit, not for making excuses.

Some Exercises Which Can Improve Your Vertical Lea

You might have noticed that most of the people around you try to jump higher nowadays. Perhaps Nate Robinson is the name behind all this. The way he performed in NBA Dunk Contest in 2009, inspired fol…

You might have noticed that most of the people around you try to jump higher nowadays. Perhaps Nate Robinson is the name behind all this. The way he performed in NBA Dunk Contest in 2009, inspired folks to learn how to increase vertical jumping. Actually, he knows the trick to jump higher than anyone else of his size. Moreover, he proved that a player does not to be 7 feet tall to jump higher or dunk properly.

If you are one of the players, who wish to improve their performance in the basketball court, then you must be worrying about how to jump higher? Well, to be very honest, most of the people know what can make them jump higher, but the fact is not everyone achieves the ultimate goal. People end up not reaching to the finishing line, as they are unable to continue the sprit. The spirit – to jump higher, the spirit – to dunk properly and the spirit – to improve the gaming skills.

Being a basketball player, you should know about your basic strength. Stronger and bigger leg muscles can do all the magic. So, focus on the basic strength-training program that can make your legs stronger. Start working out on various areas such as calves, hamstring and quads.

Besides basic strength training, you can think of plyometrics which are actually the jumping exercises designed to make your leg muscles stronger. Along with these, pay attention to box jumps, stair jumps, side box jumps and jumping rope which are helpful to increase your vertical leaps. With the aid of these jumping exercises you would surely be able to perform better in the basketball game.

What else? Well, do not miss the stretching part. A proper stretching can actually add 3-5 inches when it comes to increasing your vertical leaps. So try to stretch your muscles before starting any exercise. Some of the exercises which are good for stretching include touching your toes, sprinter stretching and butterfly stretching. There are, in fact many exercises which can make you flexible in order to increase your vertical jump.

Additionally, you can approach a professional basketball trainer who can help and support you by giving you some special tips. Since, a trainer play a vital role, so prefer to choose a trainer who is quite experienced in giving training to professional players. In order to select the best trainer, look around you precisely. Besides taking suggestions, you can also search for the one over the internet as many of the reputed trainers have their online profile over the web.

So, along with your exercisesHealth Fitness Articles, count on your trainer and be ready to improve your gaming skills.

A Couple Type Of Training For Fitness

Improving your body means improving your body’s ability to move and function. Its not easy thing to do at first, but it will get easier. Our overall plan to improving your body’s fitness level is through exercise, coupled with the other fitness elements later throughout this book.

Exercise is something that people hate, but remember your body is built to be used, not to sit in a chair at a desk all day. It is estimated that most people don’t get the exercise that they need and that leads to all types of health problems.

Again, even if you aren’t overweight, chances are good that you aren’t getting enough exercise and fitness into your life anyway. Using your muscles and strengthening them are vital to improving health and fitness.

Aerobic Training Movement is important for your body. Exercise is the best route to take to gain that health. Aerobic training is the best way to improve your overall exercise tolerance and therefore to improve your muscles.

Aerobic training helps to increase your heart’s ability to pump and therefore to get oxygen throughout your body faster. In this type of training, your body will work to improve its function by improving how much work your heart can do.

To find out if you have any limitations, talk to your doctor. If not, then start with a basic program. Here are some tips for you to get in aerobic training.

Start with basic aerobics and work up as your tolerance increases. Walking is a great place to start.

Increase your resistance by taking trails that offer hills or speeding up your walk as you improve.

Move on to more aerobic style exercises. Swimming, bike riding, playing your favorite sport, running, elliptical machines, and other physical activities are perfect for aerobics.

Your goal is to start with 10 minutes of continuous aerobics three times a week. You should try to increase this to 30 minutes three times per week, though, as soon as your body allows for it. The guidelines of your doctor are a must to follow!

Strength Training Along with aerobic training, you also need to consider adding strength training to your workout. Now, you don’t have to be a body builder here. You don’t have to have bulging muscles. But, you do want to develop lean muscles that are strong and therefore healthy.

If you need to lose some weight, strength training is a very essential aspect of making sure that happens. With strength training, you will be able to move flabby muscles and fat into lean muscles. Muscle burns through fat faster, allowing you to lose weight faster.

Strength training is essential because it allows you to improve the way that your body works, too. Muscles that are strong are less likely to become injured. They are able to be used easier, with less likelihood of being strained or hurt through your daily exercises, movements or even in accidents.

Here are some tips for exercising through strength training.

Types of Fitness Training

Fitness training can be achieved utilizing many different training types and methods with no certain type being better than the other because they each have a different purpose.  If your goal is to gain muscle then you will want to do a different type of fitness training than the person who wants to gain cardiovascular endurance.  Of course, if you are striving for both muscle gain and cardiovascular endurance then you should combine the both.  Look at the different types of fitness training outlined below to determine the type that is best suited for your goals.

Strength Training

This type can also be though of as weight-liftiing because this typically involves some kind of body movement against resistance.  By moving various muscle groups against resistance, your muscles will respond by getting stronger and larger.  You will need to continue increasing the amount of resistance in order to maintain muslce growth.  This type of fitness training is usually done with free weights including barbells, dumbbells, kettle balls, etc.  It can also be acheived through various types of resistance machines, and your own body weight.

Aerobic Training

In the same way strength training helps to build stronger muscles throughout your body, aerobic training helps to strengthen your heart muscle.  In aerobic training, oxygen fuels the energy producing mechanisms of muscle fiber and helps to improve cardio-respiratory endurance.  It also helps to lower the resting heart rate and increase the stroke volume (the volume of blood pumped with each beat).

Circuit Training

Circuit training is the ultimate in fat loss as is combines high intensity aerobic training with resistance training.  During this type of training, you will move from one exercise to the other with minimal rest time in between.  Circuit training is great for those who want a full body workout or are looking to lose fat.

Interval Training

Interval training is similar to circuit training but usually calls for short bursts of high intensity exercise followed by a predetermined amount of rest before moving on to the next set of exercise.  It is usually done using an interval timer or stop watch in order to stay on track with a set amount of time during and between exercises.


In this popular type of training, the core muscles are the main focus.  Slow movements and holds utilizing the muscles in the midsection along with proper breathing techniques provides the basic foundation for this effective type of training.


Most sports that can be considered a type of fitness training will be classified as aerobic training.  Basketball, football, soccer, track & field, swimming and baseball all require aerobic conditioning in order for you to be an effective participant.

Fitness training comes in many forms with each providing unique benefits.  If you know what your fitness goals are and you know what you enjoy doing, finding the type of fitness training that suits you best should be easy.  You need to be involved in a type of fitness training that is enjoyable to you.  If you don’t enjoy the activity, you will likely not stick with it.