Benefits of Mastering Clinical Pilates and Pregnancy Pilates at Propel Physiotherapy

Pilates are a set of exercises that involve controlled movements, stretching and breathing to treat various health issues and injuries. Pilates are gaining enormous popularity among fitness freaks as they offer a wide array of exercises that are effective, safe and precise.

Propel Physiotherapy, Australia’s renowned institute offering expert treatment and guidance in women and men’s health, physiotherapy, musculoskeletal physiotherapy, exercise rehabilitation, pilates and more. If you have been figuring out the best way to overcome various ailments, all you have to do is consult the experts at Propel Physiotherapy. They are equipped to guide people experiencing various health concerns through Clinical Pilates and also women to have a healthy, trouble-free pregnancy through pregnancy pilates.

Clinical Pilates

Clinical pilates address several concerns that afflict many due to modern lifestyle in today’s times. These exercises are designed to help individuals with:

  • Posture, balance, core stability, control
  • Flexibility
  • Breathing
  • Treating injuries and chronic pain

 They are also useful for sportspersons who are engaged in regular athletic activities for

  • Flexibility
  • Maintaining active lifestyle
  • Preventing injuries
  • Healing

Propel Physiotherapy conducts personal clinical pilates exercise assessment, group classes and more. It caters to people of all age groups and provides a range of options like home exercise program, personalised sessions that include reformer guided exercise sessions and other support services. In addition, you have the option to choose a once-off or an ongoing class as per your convenience. Further, wth Propel Physiotherapy, you’ll be able to achieve:

  • Better balance, stability and bone density
  • Improvement in movement, suppleness and flexibility
  • Improvement in technique of activities like running, dancing, etc.
  • Dynamic stability
  • Core rehabilitation

and a lot more.

When it comes to moms-to-be or new moms, exercising is not only crucial for their well-being but also helps them recuperate faster. However, exercising during pregnancy has to be done with a lot of care due to the delicacy of the situation. Pregnancy Pilates, one of the best ways of looking after health during pregnancy, is highly recommended by experts for soon-to-be and new moms to stay healthy, strong and fit. Propel Physiotherapy knows the precise methods, exercises and techniques to help pregnant women and new mothers to achieve good health and shape.

Pregnancy Pilates are stimulating yet gentle exercises that can be enjoyed safely during pregnancy.  All the steps are very easy to perform and are completely safe if done under expert supervision.

Propel Physiotherapy offers complete guidance to women at different stages of pregnancy. Categories of services and support it offers include:

  • Prenatal health
  • Exercise during pregnancy
  • Back pain during pregnancy
  • Pregnancy incontinence

Health during the prenatal stage of pregnancy can be maintained with clinical pilates exercise, which improves core, lower body and upper body strength during pregnancy. Postgraduate-trained physiotherapist Aileen Sim at Propel Physiotherapy, highly experienced and renowned expert in women’s health, helps women achieve perfect results during and after pregnancy.

The experts at Propel Physiotherapy demonstrate the right exercises to be done during pregnancy in a very clear and lucid manner. They are also meticulous while supervising how soon-to-be and new moms do the exercises, for which they provide detailed guidance. Other pregnancy-related issues like back pain during pregnancy and pregnancy incontinence are also addressed by Aileen and other experts professionally that guarantee great results. Most of the services are now available online on account of the current pandemic situation.