Men and Cosmetics: Is the taboo still alive?

If you take a look around yourself and the world you are living in, you will undoubtedly find some taboos that do not really make sense. The same scenario goes with men and cosmetics, and it is considered taboo in most places of the world. Because of this taboo, men have been held down for ages, and they do not really use any type of cosmetics due to the fear of remarks from others. But what if we talk about today’s era? Is the taboo still there? Do people still judge? Let’s dive into the details!

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Are the men and cosmetics taboos still alive in this era?

The simple answer is, no, the taboo is pretty much disappearing from people’s minds, and it is being normalized. Almost every man in the showbiz industry wears makeup to enhance their looks and to look just like they want. People mind their own business as long as the other party is not disturbing them. Not only that, but the concept of passing remarks and judgmental thinking is also reduced in public for peace of mind.

So if you are also actually planning to get some cosmetics for yourself, you will not have to worry about the taboo or what will the people say. You can simply go ahead and find the perfect cosmetic stores through or any other reviews platform. These platforms will help you check out reviews of different stores with ease.

How is the men and cosmetics taboo disappearing so fast?

Well, we got to know how less of a taboo men and cosmetics are as of today. But what has caused it to be so normalized? Let’s find out!

1. The showbiz industry!

Believe it or not, but the showbiz industry has played one of the biggest roles in exterminating the taboo of men and cosmetics. When people see their favorite actors wearing makeup, they simply get used to it. They don’t mind using cosmetics due to their popularity.

2. Production of male-specified cosmetics

There has always been a perception that cosmetics are for women only, and that might also be the reason why it was considered taboo for men. But as soon as male-specified cosmetic products started to develop, the whole scenario changed. Now you can easily find hundreds of stores offering cosmetics that women use, designed for men! It does not matter what type of product there is; you will be able to find it from the right store.


In short, you can surely use cosmetic products if you are a man without any issues. There might be some places or countries where it is still considered a big taboo, but Europe and the Americas have coped with it quite a lot.