Facts And Fallacies Of Fitness By Mel Siff Intro

If you are in the fitness, wellness or physique professions, you will have heard these declarations and many more. The emergence of fitness and personal training as a discrete profession has bred a host of rules and guidelines, many of which are contradictory and confusing for the personal trainer, aerobics instructor, bodybuilder and sports coach. The newcomer and veteran alike are justified in not knowing what to accept and what to discard. Much of the time they opt for the information disseminated in popular fitness magazines and at fashionable fitness conventions. Even then, information which disagrees with existing dogma usually is ignored or dismissed because the majority or commercialised view has become firmly entrenched as the reigning fitness or physique religion.

The \’thou shalts and thou shalt nots\’ of fitness are blindly adhered to with greater fervour than the Ten Commandments of the Bible. Few practitioners ever question the source or validity of this fitness religion, nor are they encouraged to do so, because this would undermine the authority of many fitness organisations, sports equipment companies and fitness professionals. The position in bodybuilding is just as confusing, since the newcomer has to choose between thousands of different routines promoted by hosts of prominent champions of gargantuan proportions, glossy bodybuilding magazines and persuasive equipment manufacturers. In many respects, the world of fitness, bodybuilding and sports training has yet to emerge from its Dark Ages, despite the fact that modern science is applying highly sophisticated methods to produce some extremely exciting findings about the human body and mind.

Why this apparent paradox? Why is fitness and physique training so primitive in so many respects? Why does it incorporate so few of the discoveries of modern science? Why is the fitness profession regarded as a low level profession, practised by those who cannot pass a serious degree at a university or could not make it in the real world of business? Why is there a huge collection of damaging fallacies that rarely seem to reach the public? Why is so much hidden from the fitness professional or physique athlete? Is there a conspiracy which prevents one from finding out what is fact and fallacy? Does it suit mass circulation magazines, equipment manufacturers and medical groups to allow most of us to remain in relative ignorance?

Many of the answers to these questions lie in the image projected by high profile individuals, sports heroes, companies and organisations who talk on behalf of the fitness, physique and sports professions. Very often these self-appointed authorities become shining examples of the saying that \”a little knowledge is a dangerous thing\”, yet, sadly, most of their intended audience become committed disciples because they generally are not interested in scratching any deeper than the surface.

Many exercise scientists and medical professionals do not fare much better in this department, even though they have the training and the means to dispel many of the myths and misconceptions associated with fitness and health. Some of them extol the virtues of isokinetic or constant velocity machines for rehabilitation or testing, even though it is scientifically impossible to construct a constant velocity machine. Others warn against breath-holding even during heavy weight lifting, despite the fact that the Valsalva manoeuvre protects the back during lifting. Many accept incorrect concepts such as isotonic exercise (which implies constant muscle tension). Or they believe that shoes diminish the likelihood of impact injuries or that aerobic training is the best way of reducing the risks of heart disease. Some still consider that resistance training is contraindicated for children and older adults.

The majority tend to regard strength training as being far less important than cardiovascular training, even though most adults in the world require far more strength-related fitness and agility than aerobic fitness for executing their daily tasks. Many accept the contention that agonist muscle action is always controlled by opposing action by the \’antagonists\’. Few realise that the heart serves as an endocrine gland as well as a pump. The majority are unaware that the hypertrophy produced by bodybuilding can be different from that produced by weightlifting. For that matter, many of them do not even know the difference between weightlifting, powerlifting and bodybuilding. Indeed, many fallacies abound in the apparently objective and scientific world of medicine as well!

How Physical Fitness May Promote School Success


Children who are physically fit absorb and retain new information more effectively than children who are out of shape, a new study finds, raising timely questions about the wisdom of slashing physical education programs at schools.

Parents and exercise scientists (who, not infrequently, are the same people) have known for a long time that physical activity helps young people to settle and pay attention in school or at home, with salutary effects on academic performance. A representative study, presented in May at the American College of Sports Medicine, found that fourth- and fifth-grade students who ran around and otherwise exercised vigorously for at least 10 minutes before a math test scored higher than children who had sat quietly before the exam. Continue reading

Just Minutes to Fitness on a Rebounder

Want to improved internal muscle tones? You can with rebound fitness.
Mom you can strengthen your bladder muscles for after having babies.
Do you wish you could enjoy your workouts? Rebound fitness can do it for you.
Would you like easy face lifting exercises? Rebound fitness really works.
Do Want to Get in Shape with Joint-Friendly fitness fun?
Do you need a high impact aerobic exercise that is gentle on your joints?
Want to improve your balance? Make your easy commitment to rebound.
Want to improve your lymphatic and immune system with a system that fights cancers?
Want an infinite number of fun fitness exercise routines?

With rebound fitness all of the above are astonishingly possible.  I know from personal experience. Let me tell you how.  You will you have the best proven aerobic exercise as you bounce up and down against gravity, minus the strain on the musculoskeletal system.    All the while rebound fitness qualifies as an oxygenating exercise that boosts your heart health and gets you in great shape at any age or weight.

At the age of 61 years, and when I hear someone saying how old I am, I am shocked. I feel like I’m 29 and I look like I’m just 40 years old.  Could it be my rebound fitness workouts??  I’m in awesome shape and have been staying in shape by doing my rebound fitness workout for eleven years.  All the above benefits plus even more benefits I’ve experienced over those eleven years.  Most people that meet me can’t believe I am in my 60’s.

Facial exercise occurs while doing rebound fitness under a G-force and is youth promoting because  the increase in the lymphatic system cleanses your face from the inside out.  Besides that for those of you who have blood pressure problems, you’ll gain dramatic protection.  Even if you are considered obese this simple and fun exercise workout that takes only minutes to do, you can improve your chances for survival by 300%.  That’s something to grab your attention!  Wouldn’t you want to do everything possible to improve your health and live a more quality life?  With round fitness it is so simple and fun.

I recommend that you start with three minutes per day and gradually increase until you can rebound for 20 to 30 minutes.  Seniors start with two minutes of gentle bouncing a few times each day with a half hour in between rebounding.  This gives seniors connective tissue holding the organs in place a time to strengthen. Just a few minutes a day for seniors can invigorate them.  Let’s not forget hyperactive children or adults that can calm themselves down after just a few days of rebounding.  And I’m thinking of all the people who have trouble with anxiety    In today’s troubled times.  Well guess what?  Rebound fitness is just the coping tool you need to lower your anxieties.

Many organizations stand behind rebound exercise.  For example one says, “………for similar levels of heart rate and oxygen consumption, the magnitude of the biomechanical stimuli is greater with jumping on a trampoline than with running on a treadmill, a finding that might help identify acceleration parameters needed for design of remedial procedures to avert de-conditioning in persons exposed to weightlessness.” N.A.S.A. Journal of Applied Physiology

So with the medical industry behind rebounding and stating its benefits of low impact and a safe way to exercise, this has become the fastest expanding international trend of the millennium!

Another important piece of information is to not be fooled by the cheaper rebounders or the mini trampolines that are on the market.  I’ve purchased two and one broke within one week.  The other had broke springs rather frequently.  Can you imagine vigorously jumping on a mini trampoline and all of a sudden one of the springs breaks. From then on you may have serious doubts as to your safety?  It can happen with the cheap ones.  So choose to invest in one that is lifetime guaranteed.

So what are you waiting for? It’s simple, easy, and anyone at any age can do it.  I invite you to place your fitness on the top of your list for health.  If you can make it a number one priority for loving yourself along with eating healthier your quality of life can skyrocket.