Fitness Yoga 6-type Headache, Cold Treatment

Who is like a machine, even if no major obstacles, but also occasional minor problems, such as headache, cold or something. Many people are reluctant to run the hospital because of little problems, we all know that yoga has a great interest-bearing in the conditioning effect, and now introduced six Xiaobian give you a cold-type management headaches fitness yoga asanas, in the treatment time to enhance the physical prevention of the next flu first place.

1, to prevent headaches

Migraine is more complicated reasons, most of them occurred in the head side, more common in women, for the periodic severe headache, or even accompanied by nausea, vomiting and so on. Sometimes, before the women’s menstruation cramps, migraine headaches may also occur, while the visually impaired are likely to cause migraine.

Is generally believed that the blood off his head with impaired systolic function, is to generate the main cause of migraine headaches. When the onset of migraine headaches, the first due to internal carotid artery spasm caused by brain ischemia, followed by expansion of the external carotid artery, and headache symptoms. Usually a hot bath or put your feet soaked in hot water, you can improve the symptoms of migraine headaches; lie down to be a big break yoga can also relieve pain.

Headache causes blood stasis in the head, and do more exercise or massage the neck, make the blood flow. Therefore, it is customary headache of people, daily life must pay special attention to have the law, holidays outdoors more in touch with nature, and more walking, sleeping pills, analgesics take as little as possible, irritants such as tobacco and alcohol, coffee and also try to avoid. Women should pay attention to the abdomen, the feet of warm, Yueshian Do not be cold when inspiration strikes, do not wear too tight shoes too sharp, so as to avoid the blood line of the feet caused bad headaches.

The following describes three kinds of yoga postures can prevent or reduce headaches.

1, reversing the position

Squat, his right hand around his right leg, his hands behind each other hook, Twister and to the left to reverse the head and neck as far as possible; the same time, his right leg with his right hand under the pressure to compete, so that the shoulder and neck muscles contain the feeling of being; natural breathing 20 seconds after the reduction; for doing the other side.

2, a partially collapsed vertical

Knelt, elbows touch the ground (first to cross each other holding hands, elbows Office) and then open the hands, fingers handshake, according to the essentials inverted hands Hold back of his head, and then raise the hips, knees straight, will be the focus moved to the top of Daotou ; natural breathing for 20 seconds. Restore time; hands fist overlap, attached to a fist on his forehead, relax.

3, hoes – Change Type

Supine, feet together (both hands placed on the left and right sides of the body, palms affixed to) blow off steam after the feet slowly lifted to 90 degree angle, and then, after a deep breath and exhaled; to bounce the waist with both hands at the same time followed the shore back ( elbows close to these) feet next to finger-feet, the legs open slowly as far as possible, both hands grasp the feet Zaiqu thumb. Natural breathing 30 seconds later, to restore the supine rest, and then with to be a fish-style in order to ease the pressure off the cervical vertebrae.

Second, governance cold

The reason is nothing but a cold place: (1) Exogenous six evils (2) internal injuries impassioned (3) eating disorders. Wind, cold, summer heat, wet, dry, fire generally known [6 gas], in the case of disease before they called the [six evils].

Six evils caused by the disease, there is a certain degree of seasonality: If more than Shubing the summer, cold in winter disease. Nature of climate change due to the complexity and individual differences in the human body to Feng Xie, Han Xie, summer evil, evil wet, dry evil, fire and other six kinds of evil collectively referred to as [Exogenous disease].

The majority Han Xie Feng Xie cold than the more common sense. [Wind as a size-fits-long], Feng Xie can cause coughing, but also can cause severe headache; such as invasive pulmonary Er Shi Feng Xie lung undeclared; Feng Xie limited to Britain the top, leaving poor meridians, blood gas will not ring true. Han Xie’s disease patients are mostly afraid of the cold-hi heat, cold seasons, abdominal cold, clear stream tears, or intense pain, Qi stagnation blood stasis and so on.

[Seven Emotions] refers to the will of the activities of the human spirit, in medicine is divided into joy, anger, worry, thinking, sadness, fear, panic seven categories. If for long-term mental stimulation or sudden trauma, it is easy to cause the body’s yin and yang, qi and blood, organs dysfunction, and thus to disease, so a cold can also be called “emotional disease.”

Eating Disorders direct damage the spleen and stomach, causing digestive dysfunction an extent which rendered stomach, diarrhea, body resistance caused by a weak `strength weakness, most likely to hiring Exogenous Feng Xie and disease.

The following describes three kinds of yoga postures; can improve physical fitness, strengthen internal organs function, increase endurance, in order to achieve the effect a permanent cure.

4, big thanks to style

1) kneel (King Kong ride: thumb duplication of feet, buttocks sitting on heels, the heel classified into large

2) inhale, lift your hands together in prayer flat shoulder, arms and stick to ears

3) aspirate, body bent forward, his forehead touched the ground

(Keep this type cease 8 seconds, and then got up and inhale; repetition 8 times)

5, fish-style

1) supine, the interest rate adjustment after the blow off steam at the same time in order to elbows touch the ground, supporting a high chest, head to

2) Re your hands together in prayer, line of natural abdominal breathing

3) feet raised about 35 degrees, it can strengthen the abdominal visceral function

(To end posture, the head slowly turning left and right to the limit; each side of a

6, reversing the position

1) sitting, the feet loose disc in front, bending the left foot, right foot across the left leg, placed on the lateral thigh, foot affixed to

2) over the left shoulder and left knee lateral, the backhand grip right foot back

3) The right hand placed in the right rear on the ground, head and neck as far as possible to the right turn, hold the position for 30 seconds, breathing naturally, restore the original position, for the other side, each for 4 times.