Focus On Fitness, Like You Focused On Your Lego Building

I loved building with Lego as a kid. Now my kids love building with Lego. We spend hours building sets on wet days. Some of the sets have so many pieces, it takes multiple days to build the set from start to finish. We even have one set, the Attack Cruiser, that we built a little at a time over a couple of months. Now they spend hours having fun with them. Finishing one of these goliath sets, is a lot like accomplishing your fitness goals.

If you are not an experienced Lego builder, the idea may require a quick explanation to help you visualize what I am talking about. Each set comes with a detailed book of instructions. The steps in the instruction book include a picture, as well as a list of the exact pieces, size and color, you will need along with an illustration of how they fit together. In order to move on, you have to complete what is required. As they say in the Clutch Powers movie, We build on each other. As you move through the instruction booklet, you see the next group of pieces and how they attach to the existing structure. It is this precision one should use in creating a fitness program. The space ship or building you are constructing is the equivalent of your fitness goal. Each step is the equivalent of the exercise session for the day. Each part of the step is the equivalent of the particular exercise to perform.

The main facet in this process is defining your goal from the beginning. When you purchase a Lego set, you purchase it for what you see on the box cover, but what you are really buying is a jumble of pieces. True, they help you complete the finished product you see pictured on the box. But when you get the box home and open it, it is still a bunch of loose pieces. Thats why they give you the instruction booklet. Those loose pieces are like the hundreds of exercises you can do when you walk into the gym. The issue is to combine them into a program that you can execute in a way that allows you to accomplish your goals. During the early stages of construction, you might not see how the loose pieces become the picture on the box. All the more reason why you need to picture the finished product. As you put the pieces together, or go through your fitness sessions, dont lose site of that end goal. Some days are harder than others. You might have trouble seeing the finish line in the current state of construction, but as you add more pieces or rather string together your sessions, you will see your end goal coming into focus. If you think you will need assistance with putting together your own set of fitness instructions, or program design, consider hiring a New York City personal trainer. If personal training is not your cup of tea, then maybe your fitness routine will consist of pilates or yoga.

Lego structures are intended to provide for hours of fun and enjoyment. Likewise, a healthy lifestyle sets you up for years of enjoyment and a good quality of life. Once you complete a Lego set, its time to have fun playing with it. You are set for many days of fun ahead. It is similar to when you have reached your goal weight and are enjoying your healthier, more active lifestyle. But, don’t get too comfortable. There will always be maintenance work needed. Pieces fall off, pieces get loose. Sometimes you might break it by accident. This is similar to the maintenance part of fitness. Remember, to keep going to the gym to maintain your current fitness level. Some days will be better than others. Expect setbacks, injuries, or interruptions once in while. Remind yourself that the only way to realize those goals again is to break out the instruction manual. Call up your personal trainer and set up a few sessions. Like they say, if you fall, you have to get back up on the horse again. Reminiscent of your Lego building days, if you wait too long, pieces can get lost making it harder to rebuild the set.

As children we may never have thought about how our love of Lego could parallel our fitness programs. As parents watching our kids build that truck or car to spaceship and then going all out in the gym it becomes a weird observation that actually makes sense. Building Lego structures and building a healthy you take intense, work, focus, and commitment before you can enjoy all of the benefits. Remember, before starting any fitness program, see your doctor for a proper medical clearance.